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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Comparison Of Cash Rebate Credit Cards in Malaysia

As we all might have know by now that the Ron95 petrol price up by 20c beginning 2nd October 2014, 12.00 a.m as part of the subsidy rationalization move by the government. In fact, after the announcement of the petrol hike, the petrol stations are jammed with the citizen rushing out to fill up the tank in order to save some money.

While the effort might save a few ringgit and it is a one time effort, still a lot of Malaysians are doing so, knowing that every penny saved count. This is why for the past few years, cash rebate credit cards are gaining popularity in Malaysia - especially those credit cards that offer the cash rebate for petrol like the Maybank 2 card, Citibank Cash Back card, UOB One card and Hong Leong Bank Wise card. Before this OCBC Titanium is popular due to its 5% on petrol and dining and capped at RM50 cash back per month, however the offer ended and it is now offering 1% unlimited cash back.

The attached is the comparison of the 4 most attractive cash rebate cards for the Malaysian to choose from in which I will blog more details on each of the credit card feature in the following posts.

1 comment:

  1. Consider Standard Chartered JustOne too if high spending on petrol.

    Up to 10% Cashback for petrol. Pretty good deal if spend a lot on petrol monthly.