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Monday, December 7, 2009

Spend Wisely This Christmas

As Christmas is just two weeks away I would like to blog a bit on Christmas shopping and spending. I believe by now, many of us are either busy preparing for Christmas, like me, decorating the Christmas tree at home just not long ago or busy planning the shopping details for this year's Christmas and with financial turmoil is just on the way for recovery, many might cut Christmas spending. It is always a virtue to spend wisely this Christmas, as we still have our financial goal to achieve, coupled with more festive celebrations over the next two months, namely the New Year and The Chinese New Year.

Christmas is a celebration of giving as what our God has done by giving his Son, Jesus to redeem us. We can demonstrate the spirit of giving by giving gifts or celebrate this Christmas with others. Anyway, back to the point of spending wisely, there are indeed few points that one can consider in order to reduce the budget for this Christmas while at the same time enjoying this meaningful occasion:-

  • Gifts.......As the celebration is about giving, gifts are like indispensable items on the Christmas day. Gifts usually contributes to big chunks of the Christmas budget. One can consider making gifts on your own and it will be meaningful and unique to the receivers. There are a lot of things that you can do at home and it will be an attractive gifts to others. Some ot the examples are like drawing Christmas cards, knitting a sweater to your love ones, or making a unique photo frame.
  • Food......Food is next item that will cost a lot on this day. Well, one can cook simple meals like spaghetti for the enjoyment of the whole family. Christmas is not all about turkey and meat. It is about the celebration together with the family members and friends. One can organize BBQ or pot bless where the guests can contribute to the food as well.
By cutting on gifts and food, one can still continue to enjoy Christmas day with his or her love ones, and not feel "stingy".

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