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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Universal Rules of Personal Financial Management: #1 - Spend Less Than You Earn

While I'm planning for this year financial goal, I realized that there are certain rules for personal financial management which won't go wrong to almost everyone and at any situation. In fact, I found that these rules are so real and these rule are so simple that we all know deep inside of us, but whether we can apply those rules in our life will be another story.


Well, the first and most basic rule of personal financial management is to spend less than what you earn. When we look at this rule, we would have think, "Oh come on, everyone knows this". True, spend less than what you earn makes much sense as we cannot spend the money that we don't have - provided we do not own a credit card. Once you have a credit card, it is very easy and tempting to spend more than what you can earn, and before you realized, you have already swiped up to the credit limit, which can be up to two to three times of your monthly salary for most cases.

Spend less than what you earn is the most fundamentals rule for personal financial management and in fact, if you are getting the advices from almost every financial planner or financial gurus or even wealth manager, this is something that you are most likely going to get because it is true and most fundamental. Successfully applying and mastering this rule will lead to one to be debt free and having extra money for savings and investments.

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