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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking Back 2010 Before Setting Financial Goals for Year 2011

The year 2010 has almost come to an end. Like I mentioned just a year back in Setting Financial Goals for Year 2010, we should also start setting financial goals for the year 2011. Again the same advice, financial goals are needed so that we can control our day-to-day financial affairs which will be executed by creating and following a budget. Good financial goals are usually realistic and achievable and will give satisfaction to one. Good financial goals also come with good execution plan, without this execution plan, no matter how good financial goals are, these goals will still remain as goal.

However, before moving to the year 2011, let us start looking back on what are the financial goals that we set for the year and gauge the overall performance. For the year 2010, I have set 3 major financial goals:-

  • Continue tithing
  • Clearing 10% debt for both car loan and education loan
  • Stocks portfolio to grow another 20%

Out of the 3 financial goals, two of the goals are to be done habitually - tithing and debt repayment, so the two financial goals are easily achievable with discipline.

I managed to reduce 16% of the car loan balance and 11% of the education loan balance, both of the balance include the interest as well (financial goals only 10%). Besides that, I managed to have realized gain of 30% out of my stocks portfolio and reinvest (financial goal is to grow 20% while the index only up by about 19.3%). Overall it is not a bad year for me.

Disclaimer: This blog post only serve the purpose of updating the financial goals progress which I've set last year, and nothing for show off, which is why I only do a short review rather than posting everything in details.

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