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Monday, May 10, 2010

Time to rebound for the market

We all heard rumours about the market struggling with some others talking about the recovery coming. So which is which? Well, the news in Greece lately has not been too encouraging as well.
Of course, we all know that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved a three-year, 30-billion-euro ($38-billion) loan to Greece, the IMF said at its headquarters in Washington.
The loan is part of a 110-billion-euro, European Union-IMF aid package to help Greece out of its financial woes.

This news seem to be good news for some but just recently we also heard about the Dow Jones Industrial Average to lose almost 1,000 points (about 9-percent of the total index value), and later regaining most of the losses back prior to the closing bell. Of course, if you are one who follow the news, you will know that this was due to an error in the transaction.
It is believed an equities trader at an unknown financial intermediary accidentally executed a trade position with a “b” (indicating billion), instead of what was supposed to be with a “m” (indicating million) on a futures trade executed on the Proctor and Gamble stock.

Nevertheless, the situation shows a very shaky market still with people afraid of buying stocks or shares. People are still afraid of the market...they are still afraid of another "recession".
Just as Warren Buffett says, "When fireworks go off now, people are expecting that it's a nuclear bomb."

Such is the state of mind of the people at the moment...always afraid of the worst. But according to people like Buffett, Dimon and Welch, the time has come for the economy to rebound. This conclusion is made because of the statistics and data that show the business is coming back.

Warren Buffett has been focusing on the data from the BNSF Railway, which he recently acquired. At the start of the recession three years ago, Burlington Northen felt the pain early when retailers stopped ordering goods, automakers stopped shipping cars, and homebuilders stopped needing so much lumber. The railroad started storing thousands of idle railcars. But now, these railcars are being called back into service. And that's an incredibly important sign. There are other data such as from the Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate encompasses some 80 different businesses and this is definitely a positive sign.

Well, there are many out there who are still afraid but if you are one of those who are bold, calculated and rational risk, you might be able to make use of the recession to be an opportunity for you to be successful.

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