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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Recently I just got my salary. Usually before I withdraw the money, I will do a budget and this time is not an exception. Although my net income for the month is suppose to be higher than what I usually got, I was surprised that after paying for almost what I spent, and owed, I was left almost nothing much for investment. Then, in my heart, I start to think, "Why we're always lacking of money? Is it because of really lack of money, or just that I want to have more?" Sometimes I started to blame GOD on why I do not have enough. Well, then I started to think, "How much is enough? When will I stop this childish thinking that I don't have enough?" I must not forget, although my salary is not high, but it is a lot higher compares to those earning less than RM1000 per month. In fact, there's a lot of people earning few hundreds but they still move on. I do not know whether they complain like I did, but I'm sure it will be really tough to survive in Malaysia with few hundreds, considering our living expenses is quite high. I really salute those who manage to educate their children well, having to worry about their daily expenses at the same time. If they did that successfully, I know that one factor contribute to the success. Discipline. How many of us are willing to stick to our budget? Without discipline, one will have overspend the money he or she has. Without discipline, even an ultimate budget plan will not goes well. By posting this blog, I reminded myself again and again, I have to have the discipline to control my spending from today onwards. I hope I will always remember this, and I hope you will be the same.

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