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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Congratulations to Steve Jobs, FORTUNE's CEO of the Decade

Whether you like him or not, the Apple CEO Steve Jobs has had a helluva decade. After all, it was under his helm that Apple defined the portable music player market with the iPod, has shaken up the mobile industry with the iPhone, rocked the retail music business with iTunes and re-invented the computing business with OS X in a way that the PC business - with less than 10 percent of market share - is no longer the bread-and-butter of the company.

Of course, the marketing plan by Apple was brilliant and create a loyal and if I could use that word, a cult-like followers of the Apple brand. In fact, FORTUNE magazine describe it as the DECADE OF STEVE - How Apple's imperious, brilliant CEO transformed American business. It also mentioned about the dedication and commitment that Steve Jobs had towards every small details in the company.

We cannot deny that the manner in which Apple conducts business has been highly effective at not only increasing sales and broadening the company’s portfolio but also setting trends, creating buzz and putting out top-notch (dare I say near perfect?) products again and again and again.

During each of Apple’s news announcements, we know about the giddiness in those auditoriums - even from the press. And the fact that Apple almost always has the items in-store and online by the time Jobs takes the stage surely helps spark some spontaneous sales. There’s rarely a months-long wait for products the way there is for some competitors.

"A key Job business tool is his mastery of the message. He rehearses over and over every line he and others utter in public about Apple."

Even under his own serious health problems, Steve Jobs has been committed towards the Apple products and it is indeed great to hear about the success of his liver transplant surgery.
And there is definitely probably one thing that define Steve Jobs better than others...he make it a point to know everything about APPLE. That is right...he was passionate about his business. No wonder he deserves to be the CEO of the Decade....


  1. He is a very smart guy indeed. Always listen to customers. Not telling what customer want. ;)

  2. This is very great and brilliant information.