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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Credit Card - Friend or Foe (Part 2)

This post continue from Credit Card - Friend of Foe (Part 1)

Majority generation born after 1980 are using credit cards. In fact, the credit card usage has been so severe since the late 90s and this in fact has cause issues like subprime credit pop up in the US recently. Credit cards, can in fact become our friends if we manage it well. As was posted previously, with credit card, we do not need to bring a lot of cash with us - which is very important as the rate of theft is increasing from day to day. Besides that, loyalty reward points or cash rebates that can help us to save some of our money.

Another good thing about credit card is the easy payment scheme. By using easy payment scheme, expensive stuff like furniture, gadgets etc can easily become more affordable. For example, a PC cost about RM3k can be pay as few as RM300 installment over the next 12 months. But this can easily become the bad thing about credit cards if not managed properly. One can easily get deeper into debt because of this.

Next is that, by using credit card can also educate us on financial planning and discipline. To use credit card without paying interest, one have to really plan and jolt down every details on his or her spending. Doing so requires discipline and good financial management. From this, we know that using credit card requires some skill :).

Phew.....I think I better stop blogging as of now. I still need to figure out how to solve some of the stuff tomorrow morning.

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