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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trick your mind into SPENDING less

I am probably not the right person to be blogging about this because spending is really one of my weaknesses. But here are some of the ways that I find effective in helping me to spend less.

1) Think it through and search for more information...
With the growing infomercials that are designed to give simple information while promoting certain products, the brain could be pressured and tricked into buying. Thus, it is important to give it a thought and think through. It is also advisable to search for more information on the internet....most of the time, you might realize that you don't actually need it anyway. 

2) Search for cheap and discount goods...
One might probably find it difficult to search for cheap and discounted goods but if you start take note of the prices, it is not long before you could identify the goods that have a good discount. Buy during festive seasons are good but one must be careful not to fall into the trap of spending more from the advertisement and promotions in the shopping mall.

3) Saving money is all relative!
Human beings are actually bad in making comparison at times. We may readily pay $3,000 to upgrade to leather seats in a new $25,000 car because it's a relatively small percentage of the total price, but we'd think a lot longer about paying $3,000 for a new sofa that we might use it every night. So, one must start to think beyond the percentage (%)'s important to consider the reason of buying and the functionality of it as well.

4) Automate everything
I always believe in the importance of automate when it comes to work but I find it difficult to do it with my own life. Probably there are things that we want to look at first. But the truth is, by automate everything, bills etc, you will avoid the fine of late payments.

5) Do a little bit everytime
Sometimes, our brains are like that...given an overwhelming choices of workload to do, it might totally shut off due to the "impossible mission" mentality. Instead of trying to save a little bit on everything, focus on one or two things...for example, if you love to eat out, maybe it's time to start eating at home...slowly cutting it down and it will eventually become a habit.

Well, you might not believe it, but the brain has a unique ability to make you spend and's important to know how to trick it. 

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