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Friday, November 28, 2008

The internet is the market of tomorrow

I was blogging about Adsense and all in this blog...
Idle Page

It was at this point that I realize the internet is the market of tomorrow. At the moment, most people look at internet business in the form of freelance writing and other etc. But in the near future, I believe with almost everyone having the access to internet themselves, the market will be big enough to attract people into channelling their business strategies into the cyber world.
At the moment, only big company like Amazon and E-bay that is gaining popularity. However even in Malaysia we have Mudah and some other lelong online market. Although we must take into consideration the fact that some of these companies are not reliable but with strengthening markets in the internet, big companies will start to consider the internet as their main play ground.
Some of the rough ideas that I could give you is this:

  • The tuition place has been crowded with students and hence more and more parents are concern about the reliability of the tuition centres. There are a few tuition centres operating through the internet even at this point although I believe that it is not quite reliable at the moment. However, further improvement will make these companies a big force in the years to come. In recent days, more parents will opt for private tuition, but with the high demand of livelihood, private tutor that could be very costly might not be the best option and hence, internet could be the solution.
  • Talking about mobile phones, laptops, and other accessories, you will soon find that the internet are flooded with such items on sale. And in fact, at times you could be getting it at a cheaper rate. Let us not forget that the internet alone generate more than billions of traffics. Assuming only 1% of those as your customers, you will be soon be on the way to join the millionaire society.
  • Boutique? Can it be done? I understand that most teenage girls are already turning into the net as their shopping mall. One of a friend of mine has open a boutique in Kuala Lumpur is quick to realize that through the internet, the business in fact has a better turn out of profit. Especially with the fact that rental are now super expensive and really, business needs to be extremely good to rake in profit and hence, the internet plays a major role in such business options.
  • Comic books, manga, movies?/ what about starting a Cinema online? Almost impossible?
    Think again....of course, the concept of cinema has the advantage as it has big screen and wonderful sound system. But take a bigger picture. Look at the changes that globalisation has brought to this world. Now, some couples will have to live miles apart just because of their work responsibilities. For examples, business run in China need to be look after by someone who has a wife in Malaysia. Here is when all these come in. People need that concept to keep them connected to one another in a wonderful way. Something like Sykpe but better than that because you get to be watching a movie together in a Cinema...but the difference is that it's in the internet.
  • Think bigger and you will soon find out that virtual life has been one of the HITS lately and trust me, it is only a matter of time that more business opportunities will occur even in this game itself.
If you can't even imagine how much impact the internet will bring to the next generation, then you have better start to observe and learn more about the cyber world.
This is the FUTURE.

If you can see this, then you're half ahead of the rest and that's when Money easily follow after you.

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