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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Consider Internet Business

I was reading on some of the ways to earn more money. Realistic ways for teenagers such as doing research paper, assignment for people as well as photocopy business. It was then that I saw some of the Anime stuff being sold at a very expensive price and I wonder what sort of people will be interested. Probably I was wrong because I realize that people who love Anime love especially limited edition collection. It is not really the price that matters to them but the interest in their favourite characters.
Then I read on the just a click away website....about internet business and that the capital requires are low and then it is a good medium to explore the opportunity for a higher income every month.
There are more than 800 millions users of the Internet and that those people are your customers and though out of the 800 millions, there might only be 0.1% who visited your website but that still makes it about 800 thousand customers. Well, not all will be buying from you either but then again the chances of making a deal is higher than the rate of those people who set up a shop in Jaya Jusco or Parade (well, I'm Ipoh using this places as example)
But then again, I know that there is so much more to learn about e-business...things that involve shipping, law and other relevant information. I believe it is a process of learning at the moment before the giant leap is to be taken

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