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Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 CLSA Feng Shui Index

Well, we are still in Chinese New Year mode and entered the Year of Horse three days ago and it seems like it is a good idea to post the CLSA Feng Shui Index, which I posted almost every year. Based on the chart, we are about to have another high this year - mid of the year although pulling back towards the end of 2014.

Let's hear from the expert:-
"What a breed, this speedy Steed! If we've right-read the riddle-wrapper that retails as the 2014 Celestial Form Guide, the soon-to-be-bourse-boss Hoss that grabs the zodiac reins this year is un toro in toto: pure bull from grass-cutters to fly-swatter.

And the result for the Hong Kong market should be pretty much as indicated above in our CLSA Feng Shui Index - an annual forecast of the Hang Seng Index based on little more than a whisper of wind (feng) and a babble of water (shui).

For reasons that range from the "Casablanca connection" to a recurring Yogi Berra déjà vu feeling all over again and again, we're far more optimistic about this Year of the Wood Horse than we had expected to be.

Speaking of sunny optimists: Reigning o'er our parade once again are our she-fu sifu à deux, Mariana Kou and Emily Lam, stably assisted by their mane man Jackson Hui.

May the Mustang Seng giddy-up-up-up and filly our saddlebags with lots of the foal-ding stuff. Kung hei fat choi! And may the Horse be with you."

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