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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekly Investment Term #1

Well, now that I'm in the Investment department, I decided that maybe it's time to share some of the investment terms that I've learned....hopefully, there will be those of you out there who could share more in the process as well, so that we can learn together.

Anyway, today I learned about this term: 'Maastricht Treaty', formerly known as the Treaty on European Union (TEU)

Well, it is an important term because this is a treaty that is responsible and lead us to what is known as today, the "European Union".

It's known as Maastricht Treaty because it was signed in Maastricht, a city in the Netherlands, on February 7, 1992, by the leaders of 12 member nations. This treaty signifies the serious intentions for all countries to create a common economic and monetary union. The treaty required voters in each country to approve the European Union, which proved to be a hotly debated topic in many areas. The agreement took effect on November 1, 1993, with the creation of the European Union and has since been amended by other treaties.

Well, if you are wondering why is this important...then you must know that this is the pillar structure of the European Union. With so many questions on the EU after the economy downturn that hit Europe, it is indeed important to look back at these core structures that kickstart the EU.

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