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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Credit Card - Friend or Foe (Part 4)

This post continue from the past 3 post about the credit card:-
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While part 1 and part 2 mentioned mostly on the pros of the credit card, part 3 talks about the con of using credit card in which I will talk about it in this part.

Aside from high interest and a lot of hidden charges, swiping credit card actually give one the false sense of affordability when it comes to buying "wants" products rather than than the necessities. What are the things that we can consider as "wants"? These are the things like the hot gadgets that just released to the market, like the Apple iPhone and iPad, the latest Samsung S4 and many more.

These "wants" products are usually not cheap, especially in Malaysia which can cost almost a month of salary, but there is one feature in credit card, in which I mentioned in Part 2 as the pros, if used wisely - the easy payment scheme. With so many easy payment scheme from credit cards, some come with small amount of interest, some banks don't charge any interest, nevertheless, things that are not needed suddenly become so affordable that people will be tempted to do so and raking up debt because of unnecessary stuff is always a bad idea.

So, we can see that a feature that can lessen our repayment burden can suddenly become a feature that will burden us in near future;  and the higher credit line one might enjoy it might turn against the person and eat him or her alive by trapping him or her deeper into the pit of debt without him realizing until it is way too late.