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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Summary on FY2012

We are just less than a week to 2013 and I guess it is time for us to reflect on our annual financial goal and how are we doing or whether we are still in on track to achieve our financial goal, or whether we are lagging behind.

We should always check our financial goal quarterly, and I always check, just to ensure that the goal that I set earlier is achievable and on track to achieve it. If not, then what is the problem until we are side track or off target. Always reviewing this will ensure that we set a more realistic goal in the future, achieving financial goal will give us a feel of fulfillment.

Anyway, back to my financial goal, I usually set a very basic and generic financial goals which is to grow the stocks portfolio by about certain percentage, tithing and to clear certain percentage of debt. This year, it will not be any different as well - the only different being that I forgotten to blog it out.

The stocks portfolio growth by about 24%, with about 29% of the growth coming from the dividend itself. Unfortunately the dividend that I get still far from what I need in order to retire, or at least retire partially. It still stood at about 10% from how much I aim in order to retire or semi-retire. Tithing, is just as usual, 10% from my income while I believe I able to reduce my debt to more than 10% this year, by leveraging some cash which all will be fully paid by June next year.

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