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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ways to Cut Food Bills

As we all know, food is very important part in our budgeting. We cannot be too stingy on our food, allocating too few, we might end up starving end of the month while over allocation and we might ended up gaining few pounds end of the month - which is not something that we wanted.

Anyway, we need to make sure we have sufficient allocation on food, and while for some of us who are renting room near to our working area and do not have the luxury to make our own food, there are some who are able to do so - which is good, as you can spend time doing something useful and at the same time reducing the food cost and finally bring down the monthly food allocation which can in turn make the savings or investment allocation higher.

For the next few blog post, I will try to post the details of few of the ways to cut the food bills. The following are the brief summary of how you can cut the food bills whenever you are thinking to save for annual vacation, or just trying to cut the amount you allocate for food or just being frugal:-
  • cook from scratch
  • reduce meat intake
  • stewing meat
  • buy in bulk
  • take a list
  • ignore the list
  • buy in-season vegetable
  • find a local market
  • shop/dine at closing times
  • don't forget about the frozen produce
  • reduce portion size
  • avoid fancy packages
  • invest in water filter
  • get creative with spices
  • grow your own
  • avoid "lite" food

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