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Monday, August 20, 2012

Should you pay for gym?

Today, I'm going to discuss about something practical about spending...

Nowadays, almost everything revolve around money...and that includes your health and fitness. If you have money, you could easily pay for membership to join a gym, a yoga class etc.

But here is the question that we must ask before we spend...should we pay for gym? Should you pay for gym? Should you pay for your fitness and health?
I think that question depends on what is the purpose of joining a gym. A friend of mine who joined a gym membership was there to build muscles. That was the right move I believe as building muscles require the intensity in work out and it will be advisable to do it with a gym instructor.

But if you are going to a gym for the purpose of health and fitness, I think it is not worth to pay for a gym.

There are many people who went to the gym for running in the morning for the purpose of maitaining their health and fitness level, but this could be done for free in a lot of parks...

No more wasting cash in gym for the purpose of running...

Start running in a park...fresh air and with better environment...

Here are a few that you could go to:

  • Desa Hillpark
  • Taman Tasik Permaisuri
  • Tasik Varsiti inside University Malaya

I name these three places as I have been there for running could really save you a lot of money as a gym session in a month could cost about RM70 to RM100, depending on location, facilities and the services offered.

If you want to build muscles without going to extreme case, you could buy a dumb bell for that purpose.

These 2 dumb bells could cost about RM100 (usually cheaper).

So, if you are wondering if it is worthy to pay for gym, I would say it depends on your need. For the sake of fitness and health, there could be a lot of other alternatives to gym that require little or without money.

Joining a gym membership has been a lifestyle of modern society but whether it is worth the money or not, I think it really depends on the purpose of it. Don't simply join a gym for the sake of following the modern lifestyle. Think before you pay for your gym membership.