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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ways to Cut Budget: Use Coupons

I have blogged about Ways to Cut Budget: Pay Yourself First and Ways to Cut Budget: Buy Only What You Need. These two blog posts are related on the ways to cut budget and to reduce the expenses. By reducing the expenses to get more value out of a dollar.

The next way to cut budget is to use coupons. This mean that before shopping, prior one going for shopping, he or she should plan first and accumulate coupons so that he or she can get bargain from shopping malls.

It only takes some extra effort for one to find coupons online or from magazines but because of the time needed to find the coupons, it actually allowed one to really think whether he or she really needs to buy something, which bring us back to buy only what you need way. This will help one who have problem with impulse buying to stop buying unnecessary or extra things.

Besides that, by using coupons, one can get the best out of a dollar that he or she has spent. Imagine, by using coupons, one can get branded goods at a bargain price which he or she might need to fork out a whole lot more, if the coupon is not used.

The problem with coupons is that some coupons might come with some terms and conditions like the coupon only valid if one spend a certain amount in the store which lead us to have spend on unnecessary stuff just to have the coupon valid. This can be overcome by really planning before shopping and by group shopping - this we have already discussed previously on how we can cope with inflation.

So, the next time that you are planning to go shopping, spend some time to plan the shopping list and accumulate coupons that can be use. It just takes about an hour or two to get it done, but in the long run, you are saving your money and instil good shopping attitude.

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