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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Buy Insurance

Financial planning is probably the most important thing that we must be aware of. Most young adults find it difficult to plan for their financial condition because of the "yum cha" and cool cultures....most young adults are probably pampered way too much by their parents...their studies and everything are planned out so well....honestly, I am envied of those students who have their parents sponsored everything. Anyway, I appreciate what I have as well and I believe the first step to financial planning is protection. 

Some of my friends told me that they are going to buy insurance but now is not the right they are just starting out, they need more time. I am not an insurance agent but working in an insurance company, I come to realize that protection is probably the first thing that we get for ourselves. It is not about the profit from these insurance policies but the protection that comes with it. Of course, one should not buy too many insurance policies will be ridiculous to do that....don't trust that insurance agent if he or she persuade you to buy a few policies...haha!!

Anyway back to the basics...get a protection, something that covers your life and medical expenses should you have any critical illness. I have just bought one for myself (a month ago) and together with my sister, get one for my mom. (medical card purpose).

This is not a sales pitch but the first thing to financial planning for me is about protection. Protect yourself and then you can start looking at other things.

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