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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quick Check on FY2011 Before Moving to FY2012

Well, in just less than 25% of a day, it will be 2012. It also means that we should all have our mind set on what are the financial goals that we are expected to achieved and proper execution plans to meet those financial goals.

Like last year in my Looking Back 2010 Before Setting Financial Goals for Year 2011, I will also start have a quick check on my financial year 2011 and what I have achieved and what I have failed to achieve and the reasons for failing to achieve the financial goals that I have set for the year.

I have very simple 2011 financial goals and it is sort of generic as well. The generic goals were to

  • Continue tithing

  • Clearing 10% debt

  • Stocks portfolio to grow another 15%

I am pretty sure that I have successfully completed the three financial goals that I have set.

Tithing requires discipline and I always ensure that I set aside the money to tithe. Debt repayment is also the same. I always set aside the same amount of money to pay my car loan and this year, I again managed to reduce the car loan to another 16%. However, the same cannot be said to my education loan as I only managed to pare down 6%, due to I need quite amount of money for my property renovation.

My stocks portfolio grow 17% - which is about 2% better than my financial goal. But overall I feel that the stocks are doing good considering that the index actually gained less than 1% throughout the whole year. What I like most about the growth is that 32% of the stocks growth actually came from dividends and now I actually have 11% from the stocks allocation are cash which means I can go on shopping spree if the market doesn't look good and at the same time, I can continue to grow the cash via dividend.

Overall, it is another great year for me although I feel like cash strap due to the renovation cost.

Disclaimer: This blog post only serve the purpose of updating the financial goals progress which I've set last year, and nothing for show off, which is why I only do a short review rather than posting everything in details.

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