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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to survive for a fresh graduate? [Part 2]

It wasn't a habit of mine to blog long post when I'm outside but the excitement and enthusiasm of mine looking ahead of my first job takes over.
I realize that being a fresh graduate, the income is not a lot and at times, it feels that it's not enough...but as my previous post mention, I believe the key is to follow the old phrase: "Spend less than you earn"
The first part on savings has already been posted and now I'm going to continue with my second part: earning extra income while keeping your day job.

If you are very much like me, freelance writing will be very suitable.
There are a lot of ways to be a freelance writer...writing for magazines, newspapers and even for could also consider blogging if you are into it...using Adsense, nuffnang and others will help you to earn the extra cash you need for leisure and luxury...imagine cashing out on this money for the usage during Christmas or other events...

Tutor, this is what I did during my University days to support myself...and amazingly, I had extras to save for investment as well...and if you are a fresh graduate now like myself, you could even command for higher pay...try applying as part time tutor with open universities as well...the pay and experience will be quite rewarding as well...

Baking? If you are into baking cakes, cookies, you could also consider showing off your talents on the Internet. You could also consider contacting the local coffee place, cake shops and show them your work...If it is delicious and the decoration is attractive, you might just land yourself a good deal.

Most people are into social network these days...and if you are reading this, I believe there is a 90% that you have a Facebook account and that you check it almost every 2 hours at least. And don't forget about Twitter...if you are the social networkers, consider social media can do it through churpchurp in Malaysia and I'm sure there are more companies out there in other countries...

And what about Internet business?? Now most people are afraid to venture into business because of the cost...I'm very much afraid as well but Internet business has its get to do it at a low cost...and I'm starting a supplement business on the Internet using blogspot for now. The cost is low and the risk is lower but it also helps me to be exposed into the business world.

There are of course many more ways to earn income, using your skills and your knowledge...freelance photographer, setting up computers, gadgets and etcetra...the good thing about this is doing what you enjoy and earning money at the same time...Take some time and jot down what you are good at...the reward is better than you can imagine...

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