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Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 Financial Goal

Previously by the end of 2009, I would already have the 2010 financial goals, but I did not manage to post my 2011 financial goals by the end of 2010. A lot of reasons behind, but mainly due to laziness. :p

Anyway, I don't expect this year financial goals will have much different compare to the 2010 financial goals mainly because there are not much changes in my current financial status.

The generic financial goals would be:-

  • Continue tithing
  • Clearing 10% debt
  • Stocks portfolio to grow another 15% (why I lowered it this year is because market been going up a lot last year, so, it would be not to grow so aggressively)

I am thinking to clear more loan and keep more cash in hand rather than putting more in the stocks as the direction of the stocks become more volatile. Last year besides growing about 30%, I also inject about additional 20% of my annual income to the stocks - however this year, I'm thinking of injecting maybe about 10%-15% of my annual income.

Other thing that I would like to achieve is to build a healthier cash ratio in my portfolio and who knows, maybe add in property in my portfolio by the end of the year as well.