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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Budgeting Mother's Day Spending

It was Mother's Day last week, and I am sure that many of us bought our beloved mum special gifts and maybe treat her a meal. Before I began writing on Budgeting Mother's Day Spending, I wish all the mothers in the world, a Happy Mother's Day, though it is kind of a little too late. Anyway, for those who has yet to celebrate Mother's Day with their beloved mum, I do hope that they will not be too stingy or cost savvy about the spending. I'm sure that the every mum would be very happy if her children even decided to cook for her or just do something special on this occasion - nothing fancy, but maybe spend some extra time with her or buy her favorites recipe book, etc. Mother's Day official date might be the 2nd Sunday of May, but if one cannot make it last week, then he or she can celebrate Mother's Day on some other day, but at least we do something to show our love for our mum and honor for her.

My family (total seven of us including my brother's girl friend) celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday, well, we actually just dine at Sushi King on Sunday evening. Before that, we bought her a perfume set from Lancome. I will not be revealing the total that we spend that day for the dinner and present, but I can assure you, it is not expensive.

Many has thought dine out and presents are not necessary to show our love and honor to our mum. They are right also, but for me, I believe buying presents or gifts to show that we remember that the day is special, and not just ordinary weekends dine out with family members.

To budget on the Mother's Day spending, first, I take into account the financial strength of all my siblings plus my brother's girl friend. As my brother is still studying in University, the budget for the gift/present cannot be too high, so that it is fair to everyone - everyone would be paying fair and square and it will not be burden to others.

Next, we need to budget the dinner spending as well. Dinner for seven definitely will not be cheap, and even if it is shared among the four of us - which is why Sushi King come into play. During the November to January time frame where HSBC is having Padini and Sushi King promotion, where credit card user will be delivered Padini or Sushi King RM30 voucher, if certain terms and conditions fulfilled. Since I have a lot of the Sushi King vouchers, we decided to dine at Sushi King, since it is like "free" meal. So, dining out will not necessary cost much.

Basically our mother's day spending is just the gift/present which would be about 50% of the overall cost as well.

Mother's Day spending does not necessary means burning hole to your wallet. One just has to budget his or her spending properly and spend within his/her mean. A meal does not necessary have to be at luxury restaurants, it can be at the fast food restaurants or even better - home cook food. We dine outside because it is simple and also to use the vouchers that I have and also because my mum is a KKC teacher in church as well, so dining out on Sunday evening is like a norm to the family. The gift does not necessary cost a bomb, it could be as simple as just a cookbook. I'm sure that every mum will treasured her those gifts/presents they got during this special day.

As consumer and credit card user, one must know when to spend and when to hold on to horses. I spend on what I need during the time when credit cards and shopping malls are having promotions. So, in one way or another, I still need to buy stuff, just that I'm using the correct credit card and do my shopping at malls that are giving better discounts and loyalty points. It is always my opinion that it is best to use credit cards for purchasing stuff, because we get credits and also loyalty rewards. The most important thing is to control - discipline in spending.

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