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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Realm of Wealth

Money......what is the value of money for us? Some of us believe that money is everything while the others think otherwise. We use money to but stuff - food, clothes, transportation etc. Money seems to be a very important element in our life that everyone sweating day and night just to meet the daily needs.

We are living in a world where money seems to be everything - which is quite obvious why I name this blog Realm of Wealth. I was thinking whether to name the blog Realm of Money or Realm of Wealth, but decided on the latter one. The main reason I choose wealth over money is because wealth is made up of an abundance of valuable material possessions or resources, while money is just money. I want to blog more on money related stuff, while at the same time not only money, so wealth is more suitable. This blog will have information based on my perception, which can be right or wrong, but to voice out is the process of learning, which will happen all the time.

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  1. nice post and i like this blog