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Monday, March 16, 2009

Friday the 13th

Do you all believe that on Friday the 13th, something bad will happen? I mean, there are so many Friday the 13th, and something bad might eventually happens on one of those days, right? Well, on the last Friday the 13th, something bad really happened. If you all have notice, I have not been serving the Google Ads since Friday the 13th this month. Well, I received an email saying that my adsense account was disabled because I pose risk to the Adwords advertiser. I'm not sure what went wrong as I was still able to see the Google Ads few hours before that and after that when I woke up, I thought Google was down or whatever until I checked my email. I am now appealing and not sure how it will turns out, but hopefully I will be accepted back to the program. At the same time, I will also search for something like adsense. Not that I'm greedy or what, but I just want to earn something out of my writings.

I do hope Google forgive me, if I really posed risk to Adwords advertisers - not sure what does this mean. I have been following the Google Adsense TOC/S but suddenly, I got this. In fact, when I read the agreement again, I realize that I almost break it, as I do copy some of the articles, but I do state the source and put in the links as well. Next, regarding whether I do any changes to the ads code given by Google, I'm sure I did not violate this. I mean, when I compare to my blog with others, I have only 1 banner on top, the other 2 in between the post, which I'm sure will not create accidental clicks or whatsever. Then, it is the invalid clicks. How was I suppose to know when this invalid clicks occur? Even if it does, if Google manage to detect it, why Google did not deduct the amount, but totally disabled the account? This was the questions hanging over my head over the weekends.

Anyway, back to reality, I'm waiting for the appeal and curently have nothing much to blog except to rant out my dissatisfaction. I do hope that Google will consider my appeal, else there is nothing much I can do. If Google really do reinstate my adsense account, the first thing I will do is to see whether there is anything I can do to avoid the invalid clicks incident. If there is, I'm hoping to share it out as well, so that small-timers or part time bloggers like me can have some protection.

Google Adsense is the best, though their rules are kinda strict. I understand it, as they have to protect the advertisers as well. But I do hope, in the future, Google can do something to protect the publishers as well. Wish me luck...ok :)


  1. Hope this will be back to normal. I think it;s not only Friday the 13th is the bad luck day because things happened the least we expected it.

    Here in our area, Friday the 13th was horrible because a car wrecked in front of our house but according to my parents in law, it happened all the time.

  2. Hope your Google AdSense account will be activated back soon. ^_^

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