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Monday, March 16, 2009

Friday the 13th

Do you all believe that on Friday the 13th, something bad will happen? I mean, there are so many Friday the 13th, and something bad might eventually happens on one of those days, right? Well, on the last Friday the 13th, something bad really happened. If you all have notice, I have not been serving the Google Ads since Friday the 13th this month. Well, I received an email saying that my adsense account was disabled because I pose risk to the Adwords advertiser. I'm not sure what went wrong as I was still able to see the Google Ads few hours before that and after that when I woke up, I thought Google was down or whatever until I checked my email. I am now appealing and not sure how it will turns out, but hopefully I will be accepted back to the program. At the same time, I will also search for something like adsense. Not that I'm greedy or what, but I just want to earn something out of my writings.

I do hope Google forgive me, if I really posed risk to Adwords advertisers - not sure what does this mean. I have been following the Google Adsense TOC/S but suddenly, I got this. In fact, when I read the agreement again, I realize that I almost break it, as I do copy some of the articles, but I do state the source and put in the links as well. Next, regarding whether I do any changes to the ads code given by Google, I'm sure I did not violate this. I mean, when I compare to my blog with others, I have only 1 banner on top, the other 2 in between the post, which I'm sure will not create accidental clicks or whatsever. Then, it is the invalid clicks. How was I suppose to know when this invalid clicks occur? Even if it does, if Google manage to detect it, why Google did not deduct the amount, but totally disabled the account? This was the questions hanging over my head over the weekends.

Anyway, back to reality, I'm waiting for the appeal and curently have nothing much to blog except to rant out my dissatisfaction. I do hope that Google will consider my appeal, else there is nothing much I can do. If Google really do reinstate my adsense account, the first thing I will do is to see whether there is anything I can do to avoid the invalid clicks incident. If there is, I'm hoping to share it out as well, so that small-timers or part time bloggers like me can have some protection.

Google Adsense is the best, though their rules are kinda strict. I understand it, as they have to protect the advertisers as well. But I do hope, in the future, Google can do something to protect the publishers as well. Wish me luck...ok :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spend Smart and Invest Wise

Over the weekends, I discussed with my brother on the money topic again. As always, I prefer healthy brainstorm session so that I can learn more. As we all know, learning is a continuous process. Anyway back to the money topic, we were discussing on what to do with some cash in hand. I am the kind of people with the philosophy - "Savers are always the losers". Now why did I hold on to this principle. A lot of reason. One of it being inflation will eat up our savings.

I always encourage to continue invest, and not trade in times of uncertainty. When we invest, we are actually buying a business or at least pass on the inflation to the consumer. Imagine a scenario. If the cost of a product increase due to material cost, are you going to priced it lower than the manufactured price? Of course we will pass on the inflation to the consumer, no? Unless business is very very bad, else we definitely will pass on the inflation to the consumer. So in other words, buying business will at least guarantee something that will be able to counter inflation, provided we are buying the correct management, as when we buy stocks, we are only have business in-directly. So, a transparent and trustworthy management is crucial.

Anyway, I do have to agree with my brother that while we invest wise, we need to spend smart at the same time. He told me that he will invest, but only if his cashflow is not clogged. Seems like he is growing up as well. Invest wise is actually investing something with lower risk. This includes invest within your mean and invest in good companies.

What about spend smart? What do spend smart mean to me? Well, spend smart meaning spend on necessity and buying what is worth to buy. One of the criteria is to get bargain. Like shop when you see there is sales, though I know most retails will jack up the price before giving shopping depends on skills and some basic information on the price.

Another good example on spend smart is when we decided on insurance premium. Why I am using insurance is because I was sort of forced to decide on the insurance premium recently. I see that a lot of people either over insured or the other way round. I do not have the best advice on buying insurance, but I do believe that we should neither over insured nor under insured. I see that a lot of people that I know tend to have a common idea on insurance....which is insurance is part of investment. I do not agree that insurance is part of investment, because insurance is ....well, just insurance. Thus, over insured is a very bad idea. It will lead to less capital for investment and savings for rainy days. And when we are out of job, then we will definitely stop one or some of the insurance payment and end up getting nothing.

Seems like I write a lot on this post. I think I should post the insurance related stuff on the next or future post. Signing off as for now :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Plan to weather the storm

Malaysia entering is one of the headline from Business Times.

Below are the details of the news:-

MALAYSIA is entering a recession, if it is not in one already, head of RHB Research Lim Chee Sing said.

He predicts the economy to shrink 1.5 per cent this year, or possibly worse, depending on the state of development in the US and other bigger economies in the world.

At this rate, the recession seems set to be sharper than that in 1985 when gross domestic product (GDP) shrank by 1.2 per cent, but milder than the 7.4 per cent contraction in 1998.

"Depending on the definition you use, Malaysia is already in recession, or perhaps, is entering a recession," Lim told reporters during a discussion on the stock market in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.
A recession is commonly defined as a decline in the GDP for two or more consecutive quarters. But this definition is unpopular with many economists since it does not take into consideration changes in other variables such as jobless rate or consumer confidence.

"Malaysia's export has contracted for the third month, each time getting sharper. The industry production index has also fallen for three months, and at 15 per cent, it's even worse than the fall in October 1998," Lim said.

He is the latest in a growing group of private sector economists and research houses forecasting a domestic recession this year.

US bank Citigroup this week slashed Malaysia's economic forecast to a 1.5 per cent contraction, while Nomura Holdings Inc had predicted a 4 per cent fall this year.


We all know how severe this recession going to be. But any of us really prepare for the worse? I still remember there was a time our Deputy Prime Minister still denying the fact that Malaysia will eventually go to recession within this year. As for me, I do believe I'm well prepared to weather the storm as I have prepare a realistic financial goal since the start of the year as I foresee that we might go through a long recession.

Some of my plan includes:-
  • tighter budget for own expenses which includes food, entertainment and some misc spending
  • continue to reduce debt (car loan, education loan)
  • invest in dividend counters as I foresee the Bank Negara will reduce the FD rate (which prove to be correct)
  • earning extra income - planning to look for some freelance programming

So, what is your plan to weather the storm? Note that I do have cut spending on others but my plan include continuous investment as I believe in the long run, equity will outperform cash.