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Monday, January 12, 2009

Boycott American goods to save Palestine? Think again

Malaysia former PM, Tun Dr. M urge the Malaysian to boycott US goods (source) in order to save Palestine. So what is your take for this? Well, it is always very easy to such call.....and with his influence as the PM in Malaysia for the past 20 years before the current PM, Abdullah Badawi, I'm sure some will follow suit.

There are those two face bloggers or internet users who might have call for the same action via blogging, Facebook. Little do they know that Google, Facebook also from the States. And we will actually see some of them at Starbucks, McD etc. If Dr. M call for the boycott action, is he going to lead by example first? Will he stop using Google? Is he going to stop blogging? Because if he voice it out, he should lead by example. Don't use laptop or PC. Those CPUs are American products. Google also from the States. Next, if he has a Facebook account, he should stop using it totally.

For those who are wondering whether to follow or not.....think again. First of all, go ahead and check, whether Dr. M or those who answer the call to boycott the American goods really boycott the American goods. This includes not using google, PC (they should not have use it in the first place), Facebook etc. If those promoting this boycott via Facebook or msn, we can totally ignore them. Cause they don't walk the talk.

Then, we have to know....most franchise chain like KFC actually owned by Malaysian, and most of their staff are also Malaysian. Since KFC Holdings is a listed company, the bumiputras definitely have 30% stake in it. If we actually boycott the like of KFC or McD, who will actually suffer? Do you think the Americans? is us, Malaysian who will suffer the most. Less staff are required because of low business output, KFC Holdings share will drop like no tomorrow because they cannot produce decent earnings to attract investors....more and more KFC or McD restaurants will have to close down due to no business and this translates to more jobless Malaysian and more bankruptcies.

We can continue to say that we want to boycott US goods such as CPUs, chipsets, search engines. But who will suffer in the end. Malaysian. Intel CPUs or chipsets were manufactured in VFs in many countries including Malaysia. Granted, we boycott it, so Intel and AMD need to layoff their employees. Who do you think will suffer? Those working in VF, of course. And where do this lead us? More jobless Malaysians.

To those who think boycott American goods will be able to save Palestine....think again. It is us, Malaysian who will suffer the most. Jobless, bankruptcies etc. In fact, with jobless and bankrupcies rising, it also means that Malaysian who wanna donate to Palestine, are unable to do so. What does this lead us to? Less donation and contributions from Malaysia. So, is this going to help Palestine? Think again.

I, for one will not answer the call to boycott the American goods. I also urge others especially those belongs to the working class like me to think over it carefully. Recession is at the doorstep and if we are still so childish to boycott this and boycott that, suddenly the Americans pull out their investment from Malaysia, who is the biggest loser? So, think again. There are many ways to help Palestine. Boycott American goods definitely not the way.


  1. Great post i certainly second your opinion. Hope people will start thinking in a win win situation...Have a nice day

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  3. I think Tun Dr. M meant that we Malaysians should not buy American goods that will benefit the american agency when we buy it. Say like food, drinks. If for example we already bought a PC from america a few years back, then it wouldn't matter because it was the PAST. He probably meant that if you are trying to buy stuff, make sure it isn't from america and israel. they're all scumbags. and a win win situation? i think not. if america and israel is to win again, who will ensure that they do not attack other countries?

    i personally do not agree on your opinion for not boycotting the US products. does google make money? isn't google just a 'thing' that allows people to search stufF?
    google makes moeny through sales on ads and through the google shares. therefore, using google is practically harmless. maybe.. But this is my opinion.

  4. Ok...Food and drinks you mean like mcD or KFC? Pls do some research and see who will suffer most when McD and KFC in Malaysia close down. And pls.....wake up a bit. Where goes the money from Google earns go? To the US Govt. The only way to stop US Govt from earning money is to totally boycott every products that will pay US tax. And also you might be right partially right that there is no win-win situation, but let's face it....the more we boycott US products like McD and KFC, it is Malaysians who suffer. If you didn't realize those are franchise retails and currently in Malaysia, own by most of Malaysian, given the example of KFC Holdings.