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Friday, October 31, 2008

Thus, the amount of money that you want to make, and do make during your lifetime of working, is dependent upon your beliefs, attitudes, values, and career choices. If you value helping people in need, you can anticipate a particular salary over the course of your career. As long as your values are more important than what you are paid, your choice is fine. But, you cannot set a goal of making a million dollars a year, make a career choice that pays $40,000 per year, and expect to be happy with your career decisions and the money you make over time.

Almost everyone thinks that they should make more money than they do. But the amount of money you are paid by your employer is dependant upon a number of factors discussed in: The Scoop on Salary Increases: What Pay Raise Can You Expect From Your Employer?.

About’s Joshua Kennon tells you: How to Become Wealthy: Nine Truths That Can Set You on the Path to Financial Freedom. I’m writing these tips to help you have the money you need to follow his strategies. He and I agree on the first step you need to take to make more money.

Change How You Think About Money to Increase Income Potential

Money is what you are paid to do a job and accomplish goals for an employer. Or, money is the salary you pay yourself as a self-employed business person. Money is neither the root of all evil nor is it a panacea for all of your pains and the world’s ills. It is simply a tool that allows you to attain the standard of living you choose to pursue.

Money enables you to provide for your family’s basic needs and to raise and educate your children. Money allows you to support philanthropic causes about which you are passionate. Money allows you to travel, purchase items you want in your life, and pursue hobbies and interests that engage you. Money allows you to retire some day if you choose.

Consequently, getting more money is not just okay; it’s fundamental to the plans you have for your life. Asking for a higher salary when you change jobs is expected. Requesting an increase in pay from your current employer is your right. Choosing a career that will pay a higher salary and thus, a higher lifetime income, is all right.

Change How You Think About Yourself to Increase Income Potential

While you don't want to define your character by the amount of money you make, you do need to have the mind set that whatever you can earn, you are worth. If you think of yourself as a $30,000 a year employee, $100,000 is quite a mind leap. Be prepared to make the choices throughout your career that will enhance your ability to earn more money. As an example, asking your manager for a raise can daunt the courage of even the most confident person. Yet, if you never ask for a raise, you are "settling" for what your organization offers you.

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