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Monday, October 13, 2008

Going Green Can Save Money As Well

Over the weeks, I've been thinking what else we can do to earn more money besides working, investment etc. To earn more money, the easiest way is to invest. But as a salary drawing guy, the capital that I have is actually quite limited. Most of my salary will go to monthly commitment like car loan, education loan and also daily expenses like food. The leftover of the money is either for investment or savings purposes. This could mean only one thing, reducing expenses will automatically increase the amount for investments. How to reduce expenses when most of my expenses already fixed? Can it be further reduced? Then I realized that actually going green can also reduce my expenses a little though not very significant. How am I going to implement going green project?

First of course is to reduce the usage of my car. By reducing the usage of my car, we can reduce the CO2 and CO emission. Next thing that come in my mind is reducing electricity. I'm trying to save energy as much as possible, which is why I will take a look at the need of some of the electronic devices that I have. Do I need to use my laptop? Yes, of course, it's for my work. Do I need to use my desktop? Well, I do go online some time using my desktop, but I can actually try to reduce the usage of the desktop. I also need to take a look at the necessity of my bluetooth headset, which i use it most of the time when I drive back to Ipoh from Kulim. Do bluetooth headset a necessity? I believe that the normal headset is sufficient. Although nowadays, people are pushing towards wireless, I believe normal headset is as good as the bluetooth headset.

Going green not only push towards energy conservation. I also plan to eat more green food, vegetables and less meat. My cholesterol level was a bit high during my last medical checkup, which prompt me to eat healthier. Well, seems now I can get my plan going by reducing meat and have more vegetables. Besides eating healthier, I get to save some money also. I remember that vegetables cost a lot cheaper than meat. In my cafe alone, most vegetables are priced at RM1.00 or RM1.20 compares to the chicken which cost about RM1.60 to RM 2.00. 60 cents different could lead to about RM36 of savings monthly if I stick to my current appetite of ordering about 3 different dishes per day.

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