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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tackling the transport costs

Phew.....will be getting a long break. 2 public holidays for Hari Raya, an annual leave and 2 weekends break. When I came back yesterday, I read Personal Money on tackling the transportation costs in the midst of petrol price hike. There are a few ways to tackle, one which is going natural, which means using the natural gas vehicles (NGVs). While NGVs seem to be a real money savers, do take note that in Malaysia, only SELECTED Petronas stations have the pump. So, you will need to join the queue of taxis. Besides that, there's the cost of installing the tank and the system to the car, which can cost a bomb, and will void the warranty given by the car manufacturers. If the car no longer have the warranty given by the car manufacturer, one can opt to install, but the real question is, will this really save a lot of money in the long run, after the Petronas given the comment that the price of NGV might go up accordingly with the petrol price. Secondly, we can opt for Hybrid cars - green cars. But as we all know, the price of a hybrid is beyond the reach of an average salary man. Finally, we can also opt to buy better fuel consumption cars like Vios and City, and currently Perodua is promoting Viva and Myvi as fuel friendly cars. One must realize that Vios and City are not cheap, and Viva and Myvi is without the boot, which can be a real issue when it comes to long holiday where we need to pack the boot with our luggages. So, there's a lot of ways to tackle the transport costs, but the issue is, when we try to reduce the transportation costs, are we at the same time increasing other expenses? One very clear example is getting a City and Vios. Both car cost about RM80k and the service is slightly higher than the local cars like Perodua and Proton. Local cars only cost about 40-60k. There is actually no specific answer to this. It's all depending on the individuals. Some are saying taking public transportation. But do public transportation in Malaysia really convenient? Maybe one can try to be in my shoes, and see whether public transport exist.

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