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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Still on the petrol price hike again??

Just now, I read about MALAYsian dilemma that my brother wrote. In fact, I find that what he wrote was actually true. The Malaysian dilemma is definitely POVERTY. Realistic speaking, currently there is only one way that Malaysia, as a whole nation will go, which is NOWHERE. I keep asking myself, "Am I being a bit pessimist about the outlook on the economy in Malaysia?" I do not think so. Just yesterday after the announcement of petrol hike, we can really see how desperate Malaysian to go fill their tanks with petrol. Jam everywhere near petrol station, even at area where I am staying. This morning, there were even protest in Ipoh and KL. If I remember correctly, this has never happened in Malaysia before. The recent raise is the steepest, I believe. And more is to come. News circulated that the Govt want to let the price to float according to world price. But, after having a deep thought, I realized it might be a good thing to let the fuel price float according to the market price, yet we as Malaysian will get at least 30 cents subsidy. In fact I would like to see the face of those who brought this up when the global crude oil price decrease. The only thing that I worry now is that the Govt might change their mind and then fix the oil price again when the global crude oil price decrease. If our Govt keep their word and let the petrol price float, then it might be a good news for most of us after all as I always believe this......"What goes up must come down and vice versa."
Looking at the chart, we can believe that the fuel price will come down. It is just the matter of time. We will see how. In the meantime, we will just endure and be as prudent as possible. :)

Regular gasoline price from '72 to 2008

Crude Oil Price from '47-May 2008

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