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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Phew......finally getting the permission to post using my own profile. Was doing the 'restructuring' work on the blogs with my brother for weeks and finally we figure out it will be better for us to post the blog using our own profile. Before this I was posting using my younger brother's profile as he was the one to encourage me to blog. I am glad because I can share my 2 cents opinion on money matters with others across the Net. But while doing so, I realized that restructuring is actually part of our life and as well as a process to increase our net worth. Usually a company will restructure if there's change in leadership. Some company will restructure if the circumstances force the company to do so. Nevertheless restructuring usually means new idea, innovation, creativity, motivation etc. While 'restructuring' our blog, both my brother and me come out with more and more idea in which we would like to share with others, but we realized that we need to streamline it so that our 2 cents idea or our opinion can be practice by our peers. Thus, we come out with this idea to use our own profile, instead of sharing the same profile, which can sometimes be quite confusing to our peers. Whoops...... seems like I'm off-topic a bit. Ok.... Back to the money matters and how restructuring can be apply to it. Well, most of us draw fixed amount of salary monthly and the way we spend it could be the same from one month to another. It's because we have house loan, car loan, education loan, credit cards loan etc. The amount of our debt seems to be fixed. But how many of us restructure our budget once in a while? Or we only restructure the budget yearly when we have increment? In my opinion, it is better to restructuring our monthly budget once in a while and while our income is still fixed. By restructuring once in a while, we can come out with the idea of earning more money, renewed motivation to achieve financial goals. Besides that, we can be so detailed on the spending until we can reduce unnecessary expenses. By doing so, coupled with discipline, hopefully we will achieve our yearly financial goals, or in fact do more than that. Cheers......

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