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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Money Master

I've renamed this blog to MoneyMaster, if you all hadn't notice. This blog used to be "a friend to money", well even if you do a Google search with "a friend to money", you will eventually find this blog in the search results. Not sure after I renamed it to MoneyMaster, we can still search it in Google. Anyway, some might be wondering why I've changed it to MoneyMaster. Well, it did occurs to me that if we wanted to earn more money, we have to let the money works for us. When we reach to a certain point where our money is generating enough income for us to survive without having financial worries, then we have become the MoneyMaster :), like what I've always tell others, it is better for us to become our own BOSS, so that we do not have to tolerate our superior. I noticed that most young adults aged 22-30 are quite immature in a way or another. Most of the young adults nowadays are really aiming high, but there is a problem. Most of us don't really like to tolerate our superiors or colleagues. In fact, when there's argument or increase in workload, we will start blaming others or our superiors. I am one of those young adults which I mentioned. In fact, it was just recent weeks that I have argument with one of my colleague. He was actually a rather senior staff in the company, which could be why he always demand respect from my team members, as my team has some of the most junior staff in the company. Never occur to me that he will blame me for what some of the production staff did wrongly. He blamed me for not releasing test according to the procedure, which as a matter of fact, I did, but one of the production guy screwed up with the master copy. Nevertheless, we had argument, until he complain about my attitude problem to my manager, which I believe my manager would explain on my behalf that I do not mean to be rude to him. Ok, to cut the long story short, the problem settled, but scar remained in our hearts. When I was writing about becoming the master to money, I realized that in order to become a master, we need to serve others. And I realized networking is indeed one of the element to become the money master, like my Dad always adviced me, it is better to have one more friend than enemy. Anyway, the damage has been done. What I can do now is to try to respect him in the future. Although I was right to have my own stand and principles, but I do realize that I need to fix our relationship, so that in the future, my products will run smooth. What I am going to do in the future is to take his or the seniors' opinion into account, and to humble myself. Well, after this incident, it also teaches me one important thing, which is respect others and to be humble. It could be that I'm so arrogant that I ignore others feeling, which I plan to change. Well, back to the Money Master topic, becoming the master to money is not easy, but slaving for money is the other way round. I'm confident with the daily lesson I learned from my job, my relationship with others etc, I can become the Money Master soon enough that I can enjoy living a frugal live after that. After all, we need to enjoy our live. All works and no play make Jack a dull boy.

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