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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Goals and plans

I have been reading my brother's blog lately and allowing him to do most of the editing and updating. This is because I believe that he is more knowledgeable in this expect. and truthfully he has been doing a great job in maintaining the quality of this blog.
Today I am going to talk about the goals and plans that one must have in order to achieve success in this life. I've just watched the movie "Pursuit of HappyNess" that star Will Smith. A movie inspired by true story...about this man, Chris Gardner. He was struggling in his battle to work for a prestigious stock brokerage firm as intern. Although he has to go through six months without salaries, his perseverance and determination reap a great results. Today he is one of the millionaires and open his own brokerage firm, Gardner Rich & Co.
As I watched the struggles he had to go through, one thing I realized was that he never gave up hope and keep doing his best with whatever that he could to achieve his aim.
It made me plan my own goals by the end of this year. I always wanted to buy a FERRARI by the age of 28 and I will never give up on this dream, at least not yet.
But I believe that I need to set a certain goals by end of this year, which I intend to post it here:

1) My savings from income reaching RM10, 000.
2) Blog generate US 10 dollars a month.
3) Tuition classes will consistently with RM2k a month by end of the year.
4) Credit card approval at least 1 per month.

It seems to be so tough as I look at it now, but I believe from where Chris Gardner was from millionaire is even more difficult and yet this man made it through.
Of course it won't be a goal without any short term aim and plan. I intend to share more on how to effectively making your blog a main attraction.
That will be my next posting as I explore into this field.


  1. Hey buddy! A great goal for the year...hope you can achieve it ya? I do agree that for someone to move forward we need to have more specific goals. Keep the blog alive k? I'll be looking forward on how you will b sharing on improving traffics for the blog.

  2. Hmm...I don't agree with it as I hardly believe people having goals will be more motivated. In fact it will be a hindrance...something that stop them from moving forward.