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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Writing yourself rich

Article-writing online could be a great way to earn extra income if you're an avid reader. A bonanza to all writers in fact. Even for beginners, it is possible to earn more money by writing articles although I'm not talking about earning 6 figures salary.
I'm always looking for fun and interesting way to help me generate my income.
One of my passion is through writing articles and it really works.
One of the ways is to write some of the few best articles that you are best at (it will be best to write topics that you are good could be traveling, sports, movie reviews, religious content or anything that you know best) and send it to the magazines through the net.
Some of the big companies that could be attracted to you might pay you a great deal of money to write. (I personally have not try this but heard that it works.)
On a more realistic note, try Readers' Digest that wants people to submit good jokes or even stories to them. And if you're the kind of person that read a lot about everyday heroes, it is also available in Readers' Digest. While I'm not saying that you will definitely earning from all the writings, it increase your chances of becoming a freelance writer.
Not all the sites offer you money are genuine. Some are fraud. So do take note of the amount of money that required to join the group.
Plus, if you're a good writer, you can also start an e-book through some of the online companies. Although I will recommend you to start it as a free read for people. Once you earn the credit as one of an outstanding e-book author, you might consider charging a small amount for people to buy the e-book. It is interesting how some people could be earning millions through writing while some of us are struggling with it.
Everyone have a dream and passion for the things that they love but only a few dare to walk through the struggles to achieve what they dream of.
Being a freelance writer will not take up too much of your time if you love to read and write, plus in the long run, you are creating an alternative career route for yourself.
Of course it will be even better to start having blogs of your own. I have seen people earning money by selling their high profile blogs and also gaining trust and credit as a professional writer because of the popularity in their blogs.
Some Malaysian politician also use blogs to gain popularity. Indeed the internet has made the gold pot nearer to each of us, if we only dare to take the step to risk.

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