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Friday, March 28, 2008

1M by 28, possible?

1M by 28, is it possible? After doing some thinking for days, I come to this 1M figure. Some might be asking "Why not 100K?" , or "Why not 1B?", or "Why not other figure?". Well 100K will be quite easy to achieve, while 1B will be too difficult and I was too lazy to come out with other figures. To be honest, 1M is not easy nor difficult. This is because as a salary drawing person, our net worth will not grow exponentially. In order to have our net worth growing exponentially, we will have to invest. My plan of course is to invest a big chunk of my money to stocks, so that I can earn from dividend, and also from the price appreciation. Money working for us definitely easier than we work for money. I'm 25 this year and so it means I have 3 years to achieve this and 3 years equivalent to 36 months or 156 weeks or 26280 hours. It also means that for each hour I need to earn at least RM39 to achieve this goal. Too bad I do not have much capital in hand, therefore earning RM39 per hour is close to impossible if I plan to invest. Besides this, I have other commitment, which makes the task more challenging. I like challenges, which is why I will try my best to achieve, and even I cannot reach 1M mark, I'm sure that it will be very close. So, 1M by 28, possible? Only time can tell, I'll say. :)