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Friday, February 8, 2008

"It is okay to be poor, as long as we do not lie, steal or take things that do not belong to us." These were the words of famous comedian Stephen Chow in the latest movie, CJ7.

Well, it might be a lil difficult to digest this post as it speaks of being poor in a blog which speaks of friend to money. Okay...let's look at it this way...while making money is important in life, I think the movie CJ7 tells us that it is even more important to become someone useful for the community. The movie did not promote poverty but the fact that poverty exist, we need to face with it. Imagine a father who earn hardly enough for the family has to reject the request of his little boy for a new toy. That is the kind of message from CJ7.

But let's get it right...this blog is talking about making I'll get my information accurate with the title of this blog...if you want to read on other more important stuff...check on my other blog:

I remember reading a book on making money and one of the most important key to gain market is trust. Everyone is selling products and some are of the same as why would the people around you choose you and not is the key.
The movie CJ7 teach us on that...listen to the advice of Stephen Chow...don't cheat, steal, take things that do not belongs to us....but work hard and earn what we call...DIGNITY.
If that characteristics are in you, success is just a step away. Nothing comes good in the long run if lies and corruption are part of it. Do what is right even if it means to lose a little while at the moment. Remember the first posting....GOD WILL NOT BE SO UNFAIR TO THOSE WHO WORK HARD....

I think it was one thing most people who are trapped in the cycle of poverty would always fall into...."perception of never being able to move beyond this cycle". While I am not saying that it is easy to move beyond this, there requires a strong will and beliefs to move beyond this cycle. I must admit that watching CJ7 gives me much enthusiasm to work it and you will one part in the movie, Stephen was disagreeing with his boss on his decision to send his son to a private school...he believes he can manage it and yes, that is the spirit one should have even if others go against you. If we look deep down into our everyday lives, "unsuccessful people normally are people who wouldn't try harder."

Not all though....well, failure is bound to happen if one choose to go beyond the comfort zone....but remember it is better to die trying than to die waiting. Money is not everything but if you want to give a better life for your family or even think about creating a better world, the first thing to do is to step into this corrupt business world and try to do something to change it.

"MONEY MONEY MONEY....must be funny, in the rich man's world." Let's not just sit waiting for a better have to work for it. And if you can't even take care of your own family, don't talk about the world. If BIG BUCK can only be earned by corrupted people, then we are only allowing the "SYSTEM OF CORRUPTION TO RULE IN THIS WORLD." Making more money is not a is on the methods of earning more that define the characters of a person. I must admit that I am also earning money through blog but hey...I'm not doing anything is also an advertising opportunities for companies....I am doing my best to write something beneficial to more people so that this blog would be a channel of blessing and not a door of "receiving money by clicking".

Money is not everything....but let's face it...for people who are poor, money could have been a blessing. Let's take it in a positive light....CJ7 is a movie of good introduction to poverty and hardship though a little bit of exaggeration yet a good example of how tough lives would be without money.

Well, money is important and I would work hard to earn more but like what is in CJ7, let us not lie, or cheat or steal or take things that do not belong to us but work hard and try to become someone useful for the community. I believe that itself would generate income....think outside the box....think outside a bias perspective....but at the end of the day, the choice is this new movie, think beyond the norm.
Work hard for it....good job Stephen!! I believe the same results would occur if anyone would work hard and try harder each time.

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