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Friday, February 15, 2008

A good marketing strategy....

Ever wonder why some football club would be earning big bucks and generate income each year while some go into debt and nearly even go good example is Fiorentina.
If we talk about NIKE, everyone would know that this brand represent sports and is special in its' own way....question is how is it possible for a similar symbol to a "tick" become so popular. How come Manchester United could be earning so much every year even though after paying their millionaires footballers?
If you are not a football fan, you probably would still hear of the name DAVID BECKHAM before....and the Red Devils through the Busby Babes tragedy earn even more than their usual income.
I think something that those big names have learn to capture is the heart of the "people". The book "Art of War" by Sun Tzu mentioned that in a country, the priority is the citizens of the country and not so much of the King. If a leader learn this, he would be on his way to victory in every battle.
Big names like Manchester United have been able to entertain their fans through their attractive football game. And the Red Devils board never failed to capture the passion and heart of the fans towards the Busby Babes....and yes, until now....the Red Devils team has been attracted fans all over the world.
And so what about all these marketing strategy has to do with us making money? The key factor here is for us to realize the most simple yet almost all the time being ignored...."the customers."
It does not matter if it is in sales or anything else.
Lately CJ7 make a big hit in the entertainment industry. Yes, the story line is rather simple and predictable in a way, but it is something new for Chinese movie to produce something that can only be found in "disney land"....FINDING NEMO, CARS and many others....CJ7 has not failed in this area....the little alien that look very much like a dog would definitely be gaining much popularity. Therefore for a good marketing strategy, there need to be a sincere search towards what the customers want.

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