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Sunday, February 3, 2008

"God will definitely help those who work hard..."

Have you ever felt that life has not been fair to you? Why did you born in a family that need to work 24/7 a week and yet not having enough and not born with a silver spoon instead?
I have wrote blogs on spirituality, life and faith but decided to give myself a shot on MONEY now that I am growing up to that stage.
While I may try to suggest ways of making money..."not fast money", I would kick off this blog by remembering a chinese comedy movie, "KUNGFU MAHJONG". While the title seem to suggest that it encourage gambling, the fact is that there are more moral values inside the movie itself.
I like the quotation of the famous "LEK ko" in that movie...."God will not be so cruel to punish those who are hardworking."
While the fact that luck, coincidence and talent play an important role for anyone to start earning more income, God will never forget those who work hard...those are the people that will eventually make it to the top.
Recently I just finished my STPM exam and am at the point of waiting for my results. I am working in an accounting firm as a trainee, teaching tuition and also part of some credit card and car sales.
Well, those works might seem easy but in the long run, it is really tiring and take a lot of effort out of me. To teach a student and giving your 110% is what makes more students coming back to you and the willingness to go the extra mile in any areas of life will only lead to "SUCCESS".

Blogging seems like another part time job for me but not really also cause it's something that I love to do. While many look at blogging as money opportunity, I believe it is one medium that widen the perspective of any individuals. To fight for what is right is believe and practice what your religion speaks of is worthy to be mentioned of...but making money is as equally important. Without money, one is either only "BULLSHITTING" all the time (sorry for the word.) or he is only living on another's expense. is not everything....but let the key to earn money be a characteristics in you...the willingness to work hard and go the extra mile. Even in the worst economy situation, you will still be able to survive and even help others to overcome their tough life....because remember..."GOD WILL DEFINITELY HELP THOSE WHO WORK HARD."
If you can't see it now, think again and reflect on your life.

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