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Saturday, February 9, 2008

CHINESE NEW YEAR is here...and most people will greet you GONG XI FA CAI!!! meaning wishing you a great prosperity...something like that. (I don't really understand Mandarin).
Well, while new year should be a time of celebration, a lot of Chinese would be involve in gambling. Some would play for fun while some would want to take advantage of this and hopefully "choi" (luck or prosperity...not sure which one) will be on their side. It is indeed a time of celebration and if kids were to play cards for fun or even a few cents, it should not really be a concern yet but if one play cards to win, that is when the problems start.

If gambling has been part of your life, you are only associating yourself with the enemy of money and thus becoming one yourself. Nobody wins in gambling....only the casino owner would or the banker...that is the fact. While some happy go lucky guy might have been able to earn some money once in a while, many more head to the "bankruptcy" list.

So let's face with this fact....if you want to take the risk in gambling, it would have been better to look into stock market or unit trust. It is good to take risk but when it comes to gambling, there is more than 50% of losing.

Well, some Chinese people don't like the word "shu" or lose but I think there really is a need to look beyond those unlucky words but start thinking it in the right perspectives. No money comes based on luck alone....your choice between the two heading down for destruction for sure while the other heading the opposite way.

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