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Monday, February 18, 2008

Can blogging make me rich?

A lot of people tend to believe that blogging can make you rich but the fact is that blogging will not and in fact, if you don't love to blog, don't even think of making money this way. Blogging is never a way to get RICH will only provide you the extra income as a bonus especially if you love to blog. ADSENSE, ADBRITE and many other Advertisement company offer you lil money while putting advertisement into your blog.
But let us get back to Earth, all these companies have their own terms and regulations to protect themselves from giving money to people who simply set up a blog and click on the ads.
To make more money, blogging can give you your bonus but not like what some may said that they only blog and wait for those ADVERTISEMENT COMPANY to pay them.

Nevertheless blogging is one the ways to open up your network and also to earn credit for having able to share your perspective and ideas to the world through the internet. In a way, if you are interested in journalism, it could help you to land a job in a magazine company.
So blogging a waste of time or what? I think it is a place for people to learn and to share....and to add to it, there will be some bonus for the writings you put into the net.
So why not?

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