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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Recently I just got my salary. Usually before I withdraw the money, I will do a budget and this time is not an exception. Although my net income for the month is suppose to be higher than what I usually got, I was surprised that after paying for almost what I spent, and owed, I was left almost nothing much for investment. Then, in my heart, I start to think, "Why we're always lacking of money? Is it because of really lack of money, or just that I want to have more?" Sometimes I started to blame GOD on why I do not have enough. Well, then I started to think, "How much is enough? When will I stop this childish thinking that I don't have enough?" I must not forget, although my salary is not high, but it is a lot higher compares to those earning less than RM1000 per month. In fact, there's a lot of people earning few hundreds but they still move on. I do not know whether they complain like I did, but I'm sure it will be really tough to survive in Malaysia with few hundreds, considering our living expenses is quite high. I really salute those who manage to educate their children well, having to worry about their daily expenses at the same time. If they did that successfully, I know that one factor contribute to the success. Discipline. How many of us are willing to stick to our budget? Without discipline, one will have overspend the money he or she has. Without discipline, even an ultimate budget plan will not goes well. By posting this blog, I reminded myself again and again, I have to have the discipline to control my spending from today onwards. I hope I will always remember this, and I hope you will be the same.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Point Of View On This Week's Stock Market

KLSE has been going down since the day Malaysia Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced to dissolve the Parliament and to have a General Election on the 8th of March. If we look at our bourse compare to others in the region, KLSE never go to green zone, even when the DJIA closed in green. A lot of factors contribute to this heavy selldown of KLSE. One of it is the profit taking activities by the speculators. Another would be the selling of Gamuda, which is the country's 2nd largest construction player. Datuk Lin Yun Ling cut his stake to 1.7% from 5.2%. Discussion has been going on this counter whether this could turn out to be another Transmile as Datuk Lin is not just an ordinary shareholder, but he is the MD as well. A lot of investors fear the worse has yet to come decided to even cut loss and Gamuda continue to drop. And at one point yesterday, Gamuda reach 3.78, which is very tempting. Too bad I was not around to monitor as I went for my group's teambuilding. Finally, foreign-led selling of blue chip counters also contribute to the heavy selldown of KLSE. Most of the counters in KLSE are currently at discounted price. But most investors still fear. Have we reach the bottom yet? In my opinion, if KLSE reach 1350 and cannot sustain at that point, meaning we still have yet to see the bottom. I believe we can still go down more if there is still uncertainty in our politics, so we better pray for this GE to be over as soon as possible. Until then better not catch the dagger while it is falling. The best bet currently is not to panic and cause more heavy selldown, but to hold some of most reliable counters that we won't regret holding. Warren Buffett quoted this before "Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years."

Monday, February 18, 2008

Can blogging make me rich?

A lot of people tend to believe that blogging can make you rich but the fact is that blogging will not and in fact, if you don't love to blog, don't even think of making money this way. Blogging is never a way to get RICH will only provide you the extra income as a bonus especially if you love to blog. ADSENSE, ADBRITE and many other Advertisement company offer you lil money while putting advertisement into your blog.
But let us get back to Earth, all these companies have their own terms and regulations to protect themselves from giving money to people who simply set up a blog and click on the ads.
To make more money, blogging can give you your bonus but not like what some may said that they only blog and wait for those ADVERTISEMENT COMPANY to pay them.

Nevertheless blogging is one the ways to open up your network and also to earn credit for having able to share your perspective and ideas to the world through the internet. In a way, if you are interested in journalism, it could help you to land a job in a magazine company.
So blogging a waste of time or what? I think it is a place for people to learn and to share....and to add to it, there will be some bonus for the writings you put into the net.
So why not?

Friday, February 15, 2008

A good marketing strategy....

Ever wonder why some football club would be earning big bucks and generate income each year while some go into debt and nearly even go good example is Fiorentina.
If we talk about NIKE, everyone would know that this brand represent sports and is special in its' own way....question is how is it possible for a similar symbol to a "tick" become so popular. How come Manchester United could be earning so much every year even though after paying their millionaires footballers?
If you are not a football fan, you probably would still hear of the name DAVID BECKHAM before....and the Red Devils through the Busby Babes tragedy earn even more than their usual income.
I think something that those big names have learn to capture is the heart of the "people". The book "Art of War" by Sun Tzu mentioned that in a country, the priority is the citizens of the country and not so much of the King. If a leader learn this, he would be on his way to victory in every battle.
Big names like Manchester United have been able to entertain their fans through their attractive football game. And the Red Devils board never failed to capture the passion and heart of the fans towards the Busby Babes....and yes, until now....the Red Devils team has been attracted fans all over the world.
And so what about all these marketing strategy has to do with us making money? The key factor here is for us to realize the most simple yet almost all the time being ignored...."the customers."
It does not matter if it is in sales or anything else.
Lately CJ7 make a big hit in the entertainment industry. Yes, the story line is rather simple and predictable in a way, but it is something new for Chinese movie to produce something that can only be found in "disney land"....FINDING NEMO, CARS and many others....CJ7 has not failed in this area....the little alien that look very much like a dog would definitely be gaining much popularity. Therefore for a good marketing strategy, there need to be a sincere search towards what the customers want.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Earning despite of the economy slowdown....

It's been some time since this blog was updated and suddenly this thing pop up from my mind. The 97 dotcom crash happened more than 10 years ago, and it is believed that the economy will slowdown every 10 years. How do we actually can earn more especially during the economy slowdown? I think the easiest way to earn passive income is and will always be the stock market. However it also depends on the stock selection of investors. Long-term investors will opt for counters with strong fundamentals, dividend and bonus payout. Bonus and dividend can act as side income during the economy slowdown. But how do we know which company has strong fundamentals? Well, the best time will be during the economy slowdown - only during the economy slowdown, you can see which counters can hold up quite well........."Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked", quoted Warren Buffett - one of the world richest man who is known for his unconventional style and frugality despite his immense wealth.
But then again, how many Warren Buffett do we see in reality?
Anyway, it is always wise to make sure that you are not in heavy debt by going into stock market. Because if that's the case, there will be no turning back for you if somehow everything turn against you at that time.
It is wise to be careful during the economy slowdown but also important to take notice of the opportunities that are arising.
There are group of people who make big buck during the economy slowdown while another group heading towards disaster. To be heading the right path means you need to be alert enough to notice any changes in the market, just as in the olden ways during the wars, the Chinese warriors need to master their senses in identifying the weather as it plays an important part in determining the winner.
Read the book on "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu and you will be able to learn that even better.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

CHINESE NEW YEAR is here...and most people will greet you GONG XI FA CAI!!! meaning wishing you a great prosperity...something like that. (I don't really understand Mandarin).
Well, while new year should be a time of celebration, a lot of Chinese would be involve in gambling. Some would play for fun while some would want to take advantage of this and hopefully "choi" (luck or prosperity...not sure which one) will be on their side. It is indeed a time of celebration and if kids were to play cards for fun or even a few cents, it should not really be a concern yet but if one play cards to win, that is when the problems start.

If gambling has been part of your life, you are only associating yourself with the enemy of money and thus becoming one yourself. Nobody wins in gambling....only the casino owner would or the banker...that is the fact. While some happy go lucky guy might have been able to earn some money once in a while, many more head to the "bankruptcy" list.

So let's face with this fact....if you want to take the risk in gambling, it would have been better to look into stock market or unit trust. It is good to take risk but when it comes to gambling, there is more than 50% of losing.

Well, some Chinese people don't like the word "shu" or lose but I think there really is a need to look beyond those unlucky words but start thinking it in the right perspectives. No money comes based on luck alone....your choice between the two heading down for destruction for sure while the other heading the opposite way.

Friday, February 8, 2008

"It is okay to be poor, as long as we do not lie, steal or take things that do not belong to us." These were the words of famous comedian Stephen Chow in the latest movie, CJ7.

Well, it might be a lil difficult to digest this post as it speaks of being poor in a blog which speaks of friend to money. Okay...let's look at it this way...while making money is important in life, I think the movie CJ7 tells us that it is even more important to become someone useful for the community. The movie did not promote poverty but the fact that poverty exist, we need to face with it. Imagine a father who earn hardly enough for the family has to reject the request of his little boy for a new toy. That is the kind of message from CJ7.

But let's get it right...this blog is talking about making I'll get my information accurate with the title of this blog...if you want to read on other more important stuff...check on my other blog:

I remember reading a book on making money and one of the most important key to gain market is trust. Everyone is selling products and some are of the same as why would the people around you choose you and not is the key.
The movie CJ7 teach us on that...listen to the advice of Stephen Chow...don't cheat, steal, take things that do not belongs to us....but work hard and earn what we call...DIGNITY.
If that characteristics are in you, success is just a step away. Nothing comes good in the long run if lies and corruption are part of it. Do what is right even if it means to lose a little while at the moment. Remember the first posting....GOD WILL NOT BE SO UNFAIR TO THOSE WHO WORK HARD....

I think it was one thing most people who are trapped in the cycle of poverty would always fall into...."perception of never being able to move beyond this cycle". While I am not saying that it is easy to move beyond this, there requires a strong will and beliefs to move beyond this cycle. I must admit that watching CJ7 gives me much enthusiasm to work it and you will one part in the movie, Stephen was disagreeing with his boss on his decision to send his son to a private school...he believes he can manage it and yes, that is the spirit one should have even if others go against you. If we look deep down into our everyday lives, "unsuccessful people normally are people who wouldn't try harder."

Not all though....well, failure is bound to happen if one choose to go beyond the comfort zone....but remember it is better to die trying than to die waiting. Money is not everything but if you want to give a better life for your family or even think about creating a better world, the first thing to do is to step into this corrupt business world and try to do something to change it.

"MONEY MONEY MONEY....must be funny, in the rich man's world." Let's not just sit waiting for a better have to work for it. And if you can't even take care of your own family, don't talk about the world. If BIG BUCK can only be earned by corrupted people, then we are only allowing the "SYSTEM OF CORRUPTION TO RULE IN THIS WORLD." Making more money is not a is on the methods of earning more that define the characters of a person. I must admit that I am also earning money through blog but hey...I'm not doing anything is also an advertising opportunities for companies....I am doing my best to write something beneficial to more people so that this blog would be a channel of blessing and not a door of "receiving money by clicking".

Money is not everything....but let's face it...for people who are poor, money could have been a blessing. Let's take it in a positive light....CJ7 is a movie of good introduction to poverty and hardship though a little bit of exaggeration yet a good example of how tough lives would be without money.

Well, money is important and I would work hard to earn more but like what is in CJ7, let us not lie, or cheat or steal or take things that do not belong to us but work hard and try to become someone useful for the community. I believe that itself would generate income....think outside the box....think outside a bias perspective....but at the end of the day, the choice is this new movie, think beyond the norm.
Work hard for it....good job Stephen!! I believe the same results would occur if anyone would work hard and try harder each time.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Everywhere is OPPORTUNITY!!!

Was just thinking a lot about ways to earn more....any "holes" for more income??
Well....just the other day was talking with my one of my friend. She is doing MLM, part time model and also a tuition seems that everywhere is opportunity. The question is how much one is willing to go for it?
A friend recommend me to work in OSIM. Apparently the commission is quite good. 10% for every product you sell. I am not saying that it will be an easy job but definitely an opportunity for one to be successful.
A lot of young people look into education as the way out of poverty, to make a good future....great....definitely with better education opportunities are wider yet not everyone are born to be a be like Bill Gates or people like Albert Einstein but it is not the end of the world for these people as well. If you are not good in studies, look into other opportunities...sales or advertising just have to be willing to work harder.
Who would not want to live a good life? Everyone would but the question goes to how much one is willing to put in time and effort for the things that they are doing.

How much would you?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

"God will definitely help those who work hard..."

Have you ever felt that life has not been fair to you? Why did you born in a family that need to work 24/7 a week and yet not having enough and not born with a silver spoon instead?
I have wrote blogs on spirituality, life and faith but decided to give myself a shot on MONEY now that I am growing up to that stage.
While I may try to suggest ways of making money..."not fast money", I would kick off this blog by remembering a chinese comedy movie, "KUNGFU MAHJONG". While the title seem to suggest that it encourage gambling, the fact is that there are more moral values inside the movie itself.
I like the quotation of the famous "LEK ko" in that movie...."God will not be so cruel to punish those who are hardworking."
While the fact that luck, coincidence and talent play an important role for anyone to start earning more income, God will never forget those who work hard...those are the people that will eventually make it to the top.
Recently I just finished my STPM exam and am at the point of waiting for my results. I am working in an accounting firm as a trainee, teaching tuition and also part of some credit card and car sales.
Well, those works might seem easy but in the long run, it is really tiring and take a lot of effort out of me. To teach a student and giving your 110% is what makes more students coming back to you and the willingness to go the extra mile in any areas of life will only lead to "SUCCESS".

Blogging seems like another part time job for me but not really also cause it's something that I love to do. While many look at blogging as money opportunity, I believe it is one medium that widen the perspective of any individuals. To fight for what is right is believe and practice what your religion speaks of is worthy to be mentioned of...but making money is as equally important. Without money, one is either only "BULLSHITTING" all the time (sorry for the word.) or he is only living on another's expense. is not everything....but let the key to earn money be a characteristics in you...the willingness to work hard and go the extra mile. Even in the worst economy situation, you will still be able to survive and even help others to overcome their tough life....because remember..."GOD WILL DEFINITELY HELP THOSE WHO WORK HARD."
If you can't see it now, think again and reflect on your life.